Fertilizer RM 390 / Ton 總肥素 40% : NPK, Cao, Carbon, HA, Copper, Iron, Sodium, Zinc + Microbe + Te 化驗證實肥力良好。適宜 : 油棕,瓜果,蔬菜等施肥的有機良菌肥料。
About Us :

Established in 1990, Naturelink is a premier manufacturer cum trading house for assorted range of fertilizer products with niche specialty in Green Technology Fertilizer using beneficial bacteria bioenzyme technology which seeks to improve bio-availability and increase yield acreage. We own our own in-house fertilizer plant in Port Kelang Malaysia.

Naturelink is involved across the supply chain as stockist, indent agent, OEM manufacturer and sole distributor of various fertilizer brands which are manufactured in-house or repackaged from other company products with their rights and agreement. Naturelink has proprietary rights over various brands with own ingredient formulations which are well-accepted and established in the agriculture sector. Naturelink strongly promotes all products originating from Malaysia and any business enquiries are most welcome.

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